GIMP Development

This site tries to provide useful information for developers:

  • If you are into resource creation, e.g. plug-in development, you should look at the Resource Development section.
  • If you wish to contribute to GIMP itself, you should read the Core Development section.

Note: for the main GIMP website, visit instead; the GIMP manual is at .

GIMP 3.0 roadmap

Feature Status Comments
Port to GTK3 nearly done GtkAction→GMenuModel port remaining
Port away from intltool done We are now full gettext
Port to meson build done Extensive testing phase. Autotools build still available as fallback
Redesign API for scripts/plug-ins work in progress GObject Introspection introduced, along with refactoring, no wire protocol redesign in the end, big API improvements still worked on
Wayland support work in progress Various bugs still happen, especially in window management area (broken sizes and positions), color management…
Space invasion work in progress Various color management improvements, CMYK support (not as core image format, but import/export and picking/choosing/viewing)…
Multi-layer selection nearly done Most tools are multi-layer aware, some code still need to be improved (Alignment tool, GEGL filters, plug-in API…)
Extensions management work in progress Core work mostly done; website and platform still need to be done
Paint Select tool playground Released as experimental in 2.99.4, needs work
Less “floating selection” nearly done Discussed on the gimp-gui mailing list , transform tools still create floating selections

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