Part II. GIMP User Interface Library

Table of Contents

Object Hierarchy
gimpui — Common user interface functions. This header includes all other GIMP User Interface Library headers.
gimpexport — Export an image before it is saved.
GimpDrawablePreview — A widget providing a preview of a GimpDrawable.
GimpAspectPreview — A widget providing a preview with fixed aspect ratio.
GimpZoomPreview — A drawable preview with zooming capabilities.
GimpItemComboBox — Widgets providing popup menus of items.
GimpImageComboBox — A widget providing a popup menu of images.
GimpProgressBar — A widget providing a progress bar.
gimpmenu — Menus for selecting images, layers, channels and drawables.
gimpbrushmenu — A widget for selecting brushes.
gimpfontmenu — A widget for selecting fonts.
gimpgradientmenu — A widget for selecting gradients.
gimppalettemenu — A widget for selecting palettes.
gimppatternmenu — A widget for selecting patterns.
GimpProcBrowserDialog — The dialog for the procedure and plugin browsers.
GimpProcView — A widget showing information about a PDB procedure.