for GIMP 2.8.7

I. GIMP Widgets
Object Hierarchy
Widget Gallery
GimpBrowser — A base class for a documentation browser.
GimpButtonA GtkButton with a little extra functionality.
GimpChainButton — Widget to visually connect two entry widgets.
GimpColorAreaDisplays a GimpRGB color, optionally with alpha-channel.
GimpColorButton — Widget for selecting a color from a simple button.
GimpColorHexEntry — Widget for entering a color's hex triplet.
GimpColorScale — Fancy colored sliders.
GimpColorSelection — Widget for doing a color selection.
GimpColorProfileStoreA GtkListStore subclass that keep color profiles.
GimpColorProfileComboBox — A combo box for selecting color profiles.
GimpDialogConstructors for GtkDialog's and action_areas as well as other dialog-related stuff.
GimpEnumStoreA GimpIntStore subclass that keeps enum values.
GimpEnumComboBoxA GimpIntComboBox subclass for selecting an enum value.
GimpEnumLabelA GtkLabel subclass that displays an enum value.
GimpFileEntry — Widget for entering a filename.
GimpFrameA widget providing a HIG-compliant subclass of GtkFrame.
GimpHintBox — Displays a wilber icon and a text.
GimpIntComboBox — A widget providing a popup menu of integer values (e.g. enums).
GimpIntStore — A model for integer based name-value pairs (e.g. enums)
GimpMemSizeEntry — A composite widget that allows to enter a memory size.
GimpNumberPairEntryA GtkEntry subclass to enter ratios.
GimpOffsetArea — Widget to control image offsets.
GimpPageSelector — A widget to select pages from multi-page things.
GimpPathEditor — Widget for editing a file search path.
GimpPickButton — Widget to pick a color from screen.
GimpPreviewArea — A general purpose preview widget which caches its pixel data.
GimpPreviewA widget providing a GimpPreviewArea plus framework to update the preview.
GimpRuler — A ruler widget with configurable unit and orientation.
GimpScrolledPreviewA widget providing a GimpPreview enhanced by scrolling capabilities.
GimpSizeEntry — Widget for entering pixel values and resolutions.
GimpStringComboBoxA GtkComboBox subclass to select strings.
GimpUnitComboBoxA GtkComboBox to select a GimpUnit.
GimpZoomModel — A model for zoom values.
Cell Renderers for GtkTreeView
GimpCellRendererColorA GtkCellRenderer to display a GimpRGB color.
GimpCellRendererToggleA GtkCellRendererToggle that displays icons instead of a checkbox.
II. GIMP Display Filters
GimpColorDisplay — Pluggable GIMP display color correction modules.
GimpColorDisplayStack — A stack of color correction modules.
III. GIMP Color Selectors
GimpColorSelector — Pluggable GIMP color selector modules.
GimpColorNotebookA GimpColorSelector implementation.
GimpColorScalesA GimpColorSelector implementation.
GimpColorSelectA GimpColorSelector implementation.
IV. GIMP Controllers
GimpController — Pluggable GIMP input controller modules.
V. GIMP Widgets Utilities
GimpCairo-utils — Utility functions for cairo
GimpHelpUI — Functions for setting tooltip and help identifier used by the GIMP help system.
GimpQueryBox — Some simple dialogs to enter a single int, double, string or boolean value.
GimpStock — Prebuilt common menu/toolbar items and corresponding icons
GimpEnumWidgets — A set of utility functions to create widgets based on enums.
GimpPropWidgetsEditable views on GObject properties.
GimpWidgets — A collection of convenient widget constructors, standard callbacks and helper functions.
VI. Deprecated API
GimpOldWidgets — Old API that is still available but declared as deprecated.
GimpPixmapWidget which creates a GtkPixmap from XPM data.
GimpUnitMenuWidget for selecting a GimpUnit.
Index of new symbols in GIMP 2.2
Index of new symbols in GIMP 2.4
Index of new symbols in GIMP 2.6
Index of new symbols in GIMP 2.8
Index of deprecated symbols