Third-party service accounts managers

We will be listing here which contributors have access to which account. We only consider an internet venue as “official” if there is at least one member from the core community (which we consider trustworthy because they created ties with the rest of the team, usually through contributions, nice behaviour towards others, helping others…) with moderation access.



Our channels are on GIMPNet, the IRC server originally created for the GIMP project.

Our #gimp channel owner is:

  • drc

Channel admins are:

  • nomis
  • schumaml

Channel ops are:

  • ender
  • mitch

Social accounts

Social accounts all use the same email. Any attempt to use another login email should be considered an attack attempt and should be processed as soon as possible to block the attempt.

  • demib0y/ankh (in-progress)
  • Jehan
  • Jehan
  • schumaml
  • demib0y/ankh
  • patdavid

Forums Discourse
  • patdavid
GNOME Discourse
Exceptionally, we don’t have anyone from the GIMP team with an admin/moderator hat on this instance. GNOME is maintaining this space for us. For any issue, people to contact would be ebassi (Discourse admin), av/AndreaVeri or barthalion (GNOME Infrastructure team). They are usually available on the #sysadmin channel on GIMPNet or by opening a topic under “Site Feedback” on the Discourse instance itself.
  • demib0y/ankh
  • Sevenix


The GIMP video channel is maintained by Jehan. Currently Peertube only accepts one owner/moderator (until the feature for multi-management of a channel is implemented).
We have a “GIMP” brand account. Current primary owner is Jehan, Managers are Alexia and patdavid. Communications manager is Americo.


Windows Partner Center

This is for publishing our installers on the Windows store. For this account, we use a dedicated alias too.

People with access to GIMP account are:

  • ender
  • Jehan

In particular, if someone needs their own access, ask ender. He is the one who knows how to give access.

GNOME OpenShift

A platform handling websites and other hosting stuff (e.g. MirrorBits for download mirrors). People with access to the “gimp” project are:

  • Jehan (role: admin)
  • pippin (role: edit)
  • schumaml (role: admin)
  • Wormnest (role: edit)

GNOME master server

Where we publish to the download server. People with access are (possibly more exist but unsure if others still have access):

  • Jehan
  • mitch
  • pippin
  • schumaml


Unlike the CI for Linux and Windows, which uses GNOME Gitlab runners, we use CircleCI for macOS builds. CircleCI requires the project to be on Github, which is why we have a Github mirror of the gimp-macos-build repository (normally, Infrastructure/ repositories are not mirrored, but GNOME infrastructure team made a special case for this one).

To get access to the settings of our CircleCI account, you must actually get access to the GNOME/gimp-macos-build Github repository (CircleCI doesn’t have its own access settings, it mirrors the ones from the Github repository).

Current members with Admin access on this Github mirror, hence CircleCI:

  • Jehan
  • lukaso