GIMP Developer Conferences

The GIMP Developers Conference, also known as GIMPCon, is a gathering of GIMP and GEGL developers from all over the World. This is where we get together and discuss the future development, hack on GIMP and meet GIMP users.

  • GIMPCon 2000, June 2-3-4 in Berlin, Germany.
  • GIMPCon 2003, August 7-8-9-10 in Berlin, Germany.
  • GIMPCon 2004, June 28-29-30 in Kristiansand, Norway.
  • GIMP meeting at GUADEC 2005, May 28-29-30-31 in Stuttgart, Germany.
  • GIMPCon 2006, March 17-18-19 in Lyon, France.

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