GIMP Developers Conference 2000

The first official GIMP Developers Conference took place June 2nd - 4th 2000 in Berlin.

The Chaos Computer Club Berlin was so kind to allow us to use their rooms for the conference. The Chaos Computer Club is a galactic community of human beings including all ages, genders, races and social positions. They demand unlimited freedom and flow of information without censorship.

The People at GIMPCon 2000

From left to right, top to bottom: Calvin, Simon, Seth, Jakub, Lauri, Austin, Tigert, Tim, Jens, Tor, Jay, Daniel, Sven, Adam, Mitch, Garry, Marc, Caroline, Andy, Yosh.

We'd like to thank the Free Software Foundation, the Chaos Computer Club and O'Reilly Germany for their help that made this meeting possible.

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