The GIMP source code lives in the gimp repository on the GNOME git server. For more information on the GNOME git solution, go here.

The GNOME git server hosts a couple of GIMP related repositories:

babl Pixel format conversion library
gegl Generic Graphical Library
gimp GIMP and the standard set of plug-ins
gimp-data-extras GIMP Data files such as brushes, gradients, patterns and the like
gimp-gap GIMP Animation Package, a set of plug-ins that provide video editing functionality
gimp-help-2 GIMP User Manual
gimp-perl GIMP Perl bindings and a bunch of nice gimp-perl scripts
gimp-plugin-template GIMP Plug-In Template, a starting ground for plug-in developers
gimp-plugins-unstable GIMP plug-ins from the past, a collection of unstable and unmaintained plug-ins
gimp-ruby GIMP Ruby-based scripting plug-in
gimp-tiny-fu GIMP Tiny-Fu, a drop-in replacement for Script-Fu
gimp-web the GIMP web site, available at
gimp-web-devel the source of the pages you are reading right now

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